09 Best Off-road Electric Scooters


09 Best Off-Road Electric Scooters

Off-road electric scooters are becoming more popular among kids and adults nowadays. This article will shed light on the best off-road scooters on the market.

What is an Off-road Electric Scooter?

Off-road electric scooters are electric scooters that can move, drive and function properly without suffering any damage on rough terrains because they have features that normal road electric scooters lack that allow them to function properly.

An off-road electric scooter is a clever investment for those who love adventures. It possesses electric-powered units that are suitable for rough terrains and surfaces like dirt roads, parks, and even inclines.

The best off-road electric scooters can take you anywhere without limitations as they can handle rough terrains and inclines, makinthemit perfect for exploring nature or hunting. They can also be an alternative to avoid traffic jams and get to destinations quickly.

Off-road Electric Scooter

Why an Off-road Electric Scooter?

Off-road electric scooters can travel long distances with more speed and can also tackle difficult terrains because it has a more powerful motor compared to normal road scooters.

Normal road electric scooters are portable and lightweight, unlike off-road electric scooters which are heavy and not portable.

Off-road electric scooters are heavier because of their additional features for speed, functionality and rigidity, but there are still reasons off-road electric scooters are preferred to normal road electric scooters. So you must know your reasons for purchasing an off-road electric scooter.

Why an Off-road electric Scooter

You can start driving or riding on an off-road electric scooter on unsurfaced roads or tracks, surfaces such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrains.

10 Best Off-road Electric Scooters

  1. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Kaaba Wolf Warrior can be categorized as one of the best off-road electric scooters. The wolf warrior has an unbelievable amount of power and insane speed. It has been one of the highest-performing off-road electric scooters over the years.

A lithium battery of 60volts will give a maximum speed of 50 mph! The Kaabo wolf warrior is built for heavy-duty riding adventures just by looking at its mechanism and inverted shock absorber at the front with hydraulic brakes and the option of ABS is the favoured choice of brake system here.

It has a maximum range of 70 miles (112 km) but that is at a normal speed of 25 mph (40kph) and the wolf warrior off-road scooter is for action. This is all about adventures. A high-quality build also means it is a heavy scooter.

It is a foldable road scooter, with one of the best mechanisms on the market to help with transport in a big car to the nearest area for some fun off-roading.

The Wolf Warrior has two of the brightest front-mounted led lights we’ve seen on an electric scooter for maximum visibility, and two smaller front lights on the deck.

Underdeck lights and brake light in the rear as well combined with a very loud horn we have heard make sure you can avoid obstacles easily and for people to easily hear you coming.

2. The Mantis Pro 

The Mantis Pro

The mantis pro is also considered one of the best off-road electric scooters. The mantis pro is a perfect long-range electric scooter for trails. If you want a scooter available for commuting and off-roading the mantis pro might be the one just for you.

It has a 60V 17.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery and has a maximum top speed of 40 mph and a maximum range of 30 miles if in single-drive eco mode. Which is what you most probably will use when cruising.

Mantis Pro

A 1000W dual motor will tackle rough terrains effortlessly and accelerate super fast. If you opt for the Pro version, power output is increased to 60V 24.5 Ah. The top speed is the same, but the range is now extended to 45 miles in a single eco drive.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs. It is foldable as the stem comes down as the handlebars stay out.

Two front and rear led lights that assist with visibility although not in the same calibre as the wolf warrior this off-road scooter can do its job as an off-road electric scooter.



The Inokim Oxo is a great off-road electric scooter and one of the best off-road electric scooters perfect for adventures and suitable enough to be the ‘sweetheart’ of an adventurer.

The Inokim Oxo is more suitable in the league of the Mantis than the Wolf. So if you are looking to go on a proper off-roading adventure, the advice is to take another look at the Kaabo Wolf Warrior.

It has a unique feature compared to other road scooter competitors with its adjustable suspension, which we can assume, comes in very handy while in the woods.

Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron Ultra

The dualtron ultra off-road electric scooter has a lithium battery capacity of 60 volts and dual motors of 2700W! It will reach an astounding max speed of 50 mph if you stretch it out all the way. It also has a maximum range of 75 miles, depending on terrain.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 330lbs (150kg) and also provides high torque just enough to leave you astounded. It is also foldable and can be placed in the trunk of your car or truck but it weighs 95lbs which is alright compared to the wolf warrior and Kaabo.

It takes an astounding 20-hour time to charge the Dualtron ultra with a 2A charger, 10 hours with dual or double chargers and 5 hours depending on how fast the charger used is which allows it to be considered one of the best off-road electric scooters.

Qiewa Qpower

Qiewa Qpower

The Qiewa Qpower focuses on high weight capacity as one of its strengths as it has a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs! It also weighs 81lbs which isn’t all that portable but can still be stored in a car’s trunk.

It possesses a top speed of 50 mph which no doubt, makes it one of the fastest off-road electric scooters. It has a dual motor output of 3200W, making off-roading, adventures, and hilly and inclined areas fun and possible.


It has an extremely powerful hydraulic brake which can take some time to get used to. It also has a maximum range of 30 miles and front lights with a retractable stand.



This is an off-road scooter perfect for teenagers as the design seems to have teenagers in mind. It has a 1000w and 36 volts battery which will give a maximum speed of 20 mph which will provide you with a maximum range of 10 miles, which takes over 4 hours to be fully charged which is quite commendable compared to other off-road electric scooters.

It also has a maximum weight capacity of 660lbs (300kg) which is mind-blowing! The Qiewa Qpower weighs 79lbs which is not heavy and not all that portable.

It has disc brakes at the front and rear of the scooter, and double brakes at the front and rear shocks look like they belong on a motorcycle compared to normal road scooters, be it an outdated version.

Super Turbo 1000

Super Turbo 1000

The Super Turbo 1000 is an off-road electric scooter which is also a cheap off-roading option for those who show interest.  It possesses a powerful 36 volts and 12 Ah Lead acid battery with a power of 1000W and also takes 6-8 hours to fully recharge.

It has a maximum speed of 27 mph which gives a maximum range of 18 miles with a battery life of 350 cycles. It also has a sturdy suspension at the front and back of the scooter with 10.5-inch pneumatic tires that assures smooth rides over rough terrains and surfaces.

The Super Turbo 1000 has disc brakes at the front and rear of the road electric scooter which gives it an edge over other off-road electric scooters, and also a front LED headlight but nothing in the rear with a twist grip throttle on this scooter for effortless control of the road electric scooter.

Razor RX200

Razor RX200

The Razor RX200 is one of the best off-road electric scooters for children. It is specially designed as an off-road scooter which has some awesome features. It also has a chain-driven motor with gear ratios specially chosen for high torque which reduces its maximum speed to 12 mph.

The razor RX200 has two 12-volt lead acid batteries that will give you a maximum time of 40minutes while it takes 12 hours to fully charge the batteries. 

It has a twist grip throttle and a hand-operated rear disc brake that provides perfect control or drifting combined with high-pressure pneumatic tires combined with a steel frame which can deal with rough terrains in ways other road electric scooters will find difficult to do. It also weighs 45lbs which makes it easy to fit in car trunks and very portable.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is a 250w and one of the best off-road electric scooters with a foldable frame. It has a maximum speed of 15.5mph and a maximum range of up to 18.5 m/s under certain conditions.

It weighs 27lbs which can easily fit in trunks and is very portable given that you can carry it without much effort. It can also accommodate up to 250lbs effortlessly without much stress on the frame.


What To Look For In An Off-road Electric Scooter?

When you are going to purchase the best electric off-road scooter, this is very much confusing. The reason is simple. There is a huge variety of off-road electric scooters. Here, we will share some tips that will help you choose the best off-road electric scooter for you. If you have a strict budget, then first find some decent models within the price.

Then consider the features it comes with. Thus find the best off-road electric scooter. For other products, you have to consider the features, construction and performance. But here you must choose the right type. This is very important. If you end up choosing the wrong type, this will be a total waste of money. Ask yourself a few questions and be honest with the answers. Where you are going to use the electric scooter? How often will you use that?

These questions are important. We will talk about the questions in detail here. Combine the answers and then you will see that the list of the best electric scooter will pop up in front of you. Choose from them.


Type of off-road electric scooter: This is the first consideration that you have to think about. The final usage will determine what type of electric scooter will be the right one. If you want something for your kid and end up purchasing an electric wheelchair or electric motorbike, that will be funny. So out find what the sole purpose of you buying the best off-road electric scooter is. Is it for your daily commuting? Is it for your kids or just fun? So narrow down the list to make the whole process easier.

Budget: This might not seem very important. But this will filter your options. There are some really good options available at affordable prices. Of course, you will not get the premium quality under a certain amount of money, but getting the best value for money is important. First, you have to set a reasonable budget.

Set the amount you are ready to pay for an off-road electric scooter. Generally, electric scooters for adults are more expensive than the scooters made for kids. The adults’ scooters are faster, more durable and equipped with better technology. Consider durability as a very important feature. Do not compromise this.

To find the best value you need detailed research. Never purchase an off-road electric scooter just for a cheap price. Usually, a cheaper off-road electric scooter does not have a long life and you have to replace it with another one, soon after purchasing.

Speed: This is an important consideration. If you find your type of off-road electric scooter and then the budget is set, try to know the speeds. If you are considering one for your kids, the speed should not be the same as an electric scooter for adults. Usually, the speed is measured by miles per hour (mph).

Range: While choosing an electric-powered vehicle, the range is a very important consideration. The range is the distance the off-road electric scooter can visit without requiring another recharge. The range varies depending on the category of electric scooters.

Make sure that the off-road electric scooter you are buying offers enough range for you. Also, consider the battery backup time and how long it does take to get fully recharged. This depends on the quality and the size of the battery. Choose something that will meet your requirements.

Weight capacity: You should purchase an off-road electric scooter that can carry the body weight of the user. Usually, an off-road electric scooter can carry both kids and adults. But there are certain weight limitations. Make sure that the off-road electric scooter has adequate weighing capacity according to your body type. When you are purchasing for your kid, this might not be an issue. But while buying one for an adult, weight is of course an important consideration.

These are the most important considerations that you have to think about before you purchase an off-road electric scooter. You will get the information from the manufacturers. If you are buying offline from any local dealer, ask them about the specification if you have any confusion.

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