The Complete Guide to Electric Scooters and How They Can Help You Travel Easier



Electric scooters are a convenient way to travel around the city. With a lot of people moving to cities, there is an increasing need for sustainable and cheap transportation. Electric scooters are not only good for travelling but also help in reducing pollution and congestion on the roads. Electric scooters are free of oil and gasoline, electric scooters provide a clean and quiet option for commuting locally and don’t carry the same maintenance costs as cars or other larger vehicles. In urban environments, electric scooters are not only a green way to travel but are a more efficient solution for crowded cities.

How to Choose the Best Electric Scooter for Travelling?

  1. MOTOR SIZE: Electric scooter power starts from 200 watts and increases to 5000 watts. The motor size of an electric scooter is essential because it determines how much power the scooter possesses as it affects its ability to travel uphill. Scooters that have a motor size of 500 watts and above are most suitable for travelling uphill.
  2. MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY: Every electric scooter has its maximum weight capacity in order not to overload it. the maximum weight capacity is essential to take note of in order not to purchase a scooter with lesser weight capacity, therefore, having it not perform well in the least case scenario and get damaged in the worst case scenario.
  3. MAXIMUM SPEED: All scooters have a maximum speed. This is typically around 15 mph and is fast enough for most purposes. If you are travelling in a city, you will probably spend a lot of time driving slower than that. It’s possible to spend more money and get a scooter that goes up to 40 mph. But higher speeds usually aren’t practical. Most areas have a speed limit for scooters, and the faster you go, the easier it is to fall off.
  4. RANGE: All scooters have their advertised range i.e the maximum distance they can cover in a single charge, put simply, how far they can go after charging once. The further you plan on travelling you should target scooters with more range. A scooter’s maximum range is determined by the battery’s strength.
  5. BRAKES: Brakes are an important safety feature on electric scooters. There are different types, but I recommend disk brakes because they are usually the most effective option. Disk brakes consist of a metal disk attached to the tire. To activate the brake, you simply press a hand lever on the handlebars. Disk brakes are recommended because they are reliable and allow you to stop quickly.
  6. SUSPENSION: Many electric scooters have suspension on either the front, the back, or both wheels. Suspension is essential if you plan on riding over a lot of rough terrains. It’s also useful for riding over long distances as it makes using a scooter more comfortable. Suspension is not that necessary because high-quality pneumatic tires can perform the same role.
  7. ELECTRIC SCOOTER WEIGHT: The weight of an electric scooter is important when choosing one because some electric scooters have significant heavy weights which can prove to be a disadvantage later on when trying to move it from one point to another. So, I highly recommend going for lighter weight options as weight doesn’t determine efficiency.

The Best Electric Scooters in the Market Today

  1. XIAOMI M365 PRO

The Benefits of Owning an Electric Scooter and How it Can Make Your Travels Easier

  1. ECO-FRIENDLY: Electric scooters have no need for fuels or gasoline they work on batteries which makes them greatly environmentally friendly because they release no gas into the atmosphere. The collective search for more environmentally-friendly modes of transport and reduced emissions is seeing some progress, with electric scooters being one of the frontrunners so far. They only use a small amount of electricity and don’t emit any emissions, which is better for the air quality in our cities and the lungs of their residents. As a reliable, affordable, and eco-friendly way of travelling, it doesn’t get any better than an electric scooter.

2. PORTABILITY: Rivalled only by folding bikes, electric scooters are perhaps the most portable model of powered personal transport. Many people would like assisted forms of transport but find them too cumbersome or too technical to be practical. Motorbikes are great, but you need a license and insurance to ride one. Push Bikes are excellent, but you’ll often need to leave them chained up outside and at risk of being stolen, and they’re too large to be considered truly portable. Electric scooters are light and fold up, allowing for easy storage and portability. You can simply pull it along much like you would a small suitcase, meaning you can take it virtually anywhere. Then, when the time comes, you simply unfold it and you’re on your way!

3. NOISE POLLUTION: The electric scooter has solved the issue of noise pollution in our modern world. Travelling around a city and silence never go hand-in-hand. Virtually any method of travelling around comes with a significant amount of noise pollution – cars, motorbikes, buses, trains – they’re all incredibly loud. Even walking can be noisy if you have hard-soled shoes on! Enter the electric scooter; a whisper-quiet mode of transport that’s the fastest and quietest way to get from one point to another.

4. SAFETY: Every mode of transport comes with an element of risk. When you travel any faster than walking pace, your risk of having an accident increases – even something as simple as tripping or bumping into someone whilst jogging. Compared with other personal modes of transport, such as cycling, roller skating, or using hoverboards, scooters are potentially the safer option. For one, you can simply step off if you see an imminent collision occurring. This is something you can’t do with bikes or roller skates, and you have immediate access to the brakes, which hoverboards lack. Electric scooters are fast enough to be useful and fun to ride, but give you enough control that you feel safe and secure while riding.


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