The Complete Guide to Epikgo Hoverboards and How They are Changing the Rules of Walking


EpikGo Off-Road Hoverboard Review: A Lifesaver for Your Kids



If you’re looking for a hoverboard that can handle any terrain, the epikgo hoverboard has you covered. It can easily go from dirt to pavement and back again, thanks to its larger wheels and powerful motors. You’ll also get a hoverboard that contains a long-lasting battery. Recently the hover balance board industry took the world by storm as it showed a new innovative form of transportation.

Unfortunately, this new wave of technology came with a few issues of its own. EPIKGO hoverboard recognized the problems and safety concerns in the industry and corrected them to develop the transportation of tomorrow for the generation of today.

The EPIKGO hoverboard has obtained the highest standard in regards to safety after successfully becoming UL 2272 Certified; assuring users that fire and electrical hazards are not a factor. Besides being safer, EPIKGO hoverboards stand out because their durable build helps them tackle virtually any obstacle in their way. Travel through grass, mud, dirt and sand with this new device built to go anywhere and do more.


Epikgos self-balancing scooter offers a smooth ride on the pavement and it exceeded my expectations on rougher terrain like grass, rocks, sand and mud. Those dual motors are exactly what it needs to keep you rolling and the 8.5-inch tires grip the terrain tight.

When you carry it, this epikgo hoverboard feels pretty heavy, but thankfully you will be doing more riding than carrying. The LED lights are nice and bright for night rides as well. This vehicle is the perfect combination of speed and solid construction which ensures that you won’t be getting stuck in the mud.

Charging Time

The charge time and battery life are respectable on this electric hoverboard. 2-hour fast charging technology gets the job done without having to wait all day. I wouldn’t call this the best around for this tier of self-balancing scooters, but given the top speed and range on a single charge, it is very decent.

Epikgo sports vehicle is worth the price considering how well engineered it is to handle off-road all terrain conditions. It has the perfect power thanks to those 400w motors, speed, and weight combination to own just about any terrain. It also has a nice weight limit for adults.

Top Speed And Range of Epikgo Hoverboards

Epikgo hoverboard has a top speed of 10 mph which is a standard speed limit given that it is neither too fast nor slow when it comes to the safety of the rider. Riders can count on the Classic to last for about 10 miles on a single charge, and both the battery pack and the scooter itself have been certified safe under UL 2271 and 2272.


  • Top speed-10 mph (16 km/h)
  • Range- 10 miles
  • Self balancing
  • Motor Size- Dual 400W Motors
  • Charging time- 1-2 hours
  • Maximum weight- 110kg (240 lbs)

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